Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

This past Sunday was our 7th anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married that long! We'll be in the double digits b/f you know it. For our anniversary, we went on a date Friday night and got a babysitter for the Bean. We were going to go to P.F. Chang's, but there was an hour and twenty minute wait (At 5:45 pm!! I know it was a Friday, but good grief!), so instead we headed over to Patton Creek to look for restaurants since we were going to a movie there. And we found the perfect place...J. Alexander's...still a nice restaurant that we never go to, romantic atmosphere, tasty food, and best of all - a 10-15 minute wait! RR HATES to wait for food. :) And being pregnant, I tend to be the same way. We also went to see I Am Legend, which is a good movie but a freaky one. Then we went to get some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. (And I got a double scoop in a sprinkle cone...ahh, the joys of having a higher metobolism for a few months!!) A tasty end to a fun evening.

Also, I thought y'all would get a kick out of our gifts for each other. We don't make a huge deal out of anniversary gifts usually b/c it's right after Christmas and right b/f RR's b'day. So here's the story of my gift: a couple of months back, I was looking through the $200 and less section in the paper, and I stumbled across a silver tea service for $100. I figured it was probably a piece of junk, but I figured it didn't hurt to check it out. (I've had my eye out for one for the past couple of years...I wanted a six piece set, and usually you don't find them for less that $200 for silver plate, and that would be a good deal.) So I called the lady, and long story short, she was selling a six piece silver plate set in great condition for only $100. Now, this is a very frivolous purchase, even though it's a good deal, b/c I don't have high tea or throw showers every day. But I knew I could set it out as a decoration, and use it on occasion for holidays or showers, etc. So I asked RR about it, and as I thought w/ Christmas coming up and all, he shot me down. But after Christmas, I brought it back up again, and he changed his mind, as he was looking for an "easy" anniversary gift idea. (Also, in the back of his mind, he was planning on buying himself new wheels for his bike, which actually cost more than the tea set and aren't a "necessary" purchase either. I think he felt justified in buying the wheels if I got something frivolous too. Ahh, the way our little minds work.) Anyway, the lady lives about 5 minutes away from us as it turns out and still had the set, so that was my anniversary gift! I love it, of course, and even though it wasn't RR's idea initially, it is still a very generous and nice gift! I say all that to preface what I got him for our anniversary. RR never wants or needs anything, for the most part, and he is picky about a lot of things. In short, he is hard to buy for, so if he ever mentions anything he wants, I jump on it. So he mentioned something one morning recently that he needed, and I thought "Perfect!" So what did I end up getting him to compare to his nice, generous, and romantic gift?? A nose hair trimmer. How romantic and thoughtful is that! I'm like the husband who gets his wife a blender or something. Of course, he needed the nose hair trimmer and was happy to get it. I don't know what my gift-giving says about me, but all I know is this: we had a very happy anniversary and I am blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. It's been the best seven years of my life, and I look forward to many more years with him, God willing.


Allison said...

can I just say that Mitch would be so jealous of your tea set!! Quite funny, but he has wanted one ever since we got engaged. Isn't that crazy?

Amanda said...

I remember that y'all were looking for one. If I come across another deal, I'll letcha know!