Monday, January 21, 2008

My narcoleptic child

For the past week I have been transitioning the Bean to one nap instead of two. She's been going back and forth anyway since she started MDO in the fall. B/tw MDO, Bible study, and church on Sundays, she wasn't taking a morning nap 3 days a week, and on her "off" days she had started to refuse one nap or take two tiny naps or something. So I figured it was time to make the switch. And last week she did great. For some reason today though, she woke up a little earlier than normal, and we had no morning plans to keep her busy. So she started nodding off during her lunch...yep, while she was still putting food in her mouth. I didn't have the video camera handy, but I did take a few pics.
*If you are wondering what in the world I am feeding the child, she is eating grilled roast beef and cheese sandwich (which she tore to shreds) and some pretzels.


jess said...

that is too funny!

katie said...

oh, my. it's so good you took those pictures! poor sweet girl!

The Shulls said...

How cute... poor little thing.. she was just to tired to eat Mommy!!

Nate is doing the same thing even when he is only 14 months and a half he takes one two-hour nap a day... he is such a busy little guy, so at 7 or so I am just happy to put him to bed!

Hope you keep feeling great!! Can't wait to meet the little one... sorry... I should say, the TWO little ones! (I haven't met the Bean yet, isn't it wrong?!?!?


Holly said...

On Friday, I think there was a true narcoleptic on the tram. He kept snoring, jerking awake, and then falling asleep and snoring again! It was crazy! And super funny.
She is so cute in these pics.