Friday, August 10, 2007

More hair-do pics!!

Here are more hair pics of the Bean. I mean, can she get any more adorable??? FYI, she is not quite walking yet. She walks w/ her push toy all around the house, but she's not brave enough to attempt it on her own quite yet. She turns one the last day of this month! Crazy. Also, aren't her jammies cute? $5 at Ross. :)
Bed head

The half-up pony tail

The half-up pig tails

Ok, so this is not a hairstyle pic per se, but Cousin Evan paid us a visit the other day, and this pic was just too cute not to post. The Bean was so excited about her visitors. (Uncle Drew, Aunt Marianna, Mimi and Grandpa were also here.)


Angie Davis said...

amanda she is just crazy pretty.
glad i found you too!

jess said...

that top picture is reminiscent of the good ole days at ivo sparkman. i think i saw that look many a morning after the alarm clock came a tumblin' down!!

Holly said...

Jess, your comment is just about the funniest one I've ever read.

Amanda, I love her hair. So cute!!