Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Future Supermodel?

The Smockingbird (kid's fabric store) is showcasing "customer creations", so I entered a couple of photos of the Bean. So here she is modeling my creations in all her glory. :) If she wins the contest, I get a $10 gift certificate to the Smockingbird. (They choose...wish y'all could vote!!) Free stuff for uploading two pics I already had of something I'd already made - not bad! She's photo #1 and #5.



Allison said...

You are so talented! You should get a table a Mom's Christmas Shop. I would buy from you!

G, MM and AH said...

Hey Amanda!
I first found your blog from Katie's I think and then I keep seeing it on some of my other Bham friends pages...love hearing about what your up to and your little one is too cute!
I am SO impressed with your blogging skills!
Mary Martha

Summer said...

that is so impressive!!! you're a professional! summer

jess said...

well, i think there's no contest~she should win hands down!

lauren said...

#5 all the way! she is so adorable.

ok summer, i see how it is...miss "i don't know how to comment on other people's blogs"! ha ha, you've been caught. :)