Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation pics

Mimi (my mom) w/ the babies (the other baby is my nephew Evan) the mohawk and pigtails!

Having fun w/ Mommy in the pool

Isn't Dada a gentleman?

Sorry these are so tardy, but here are a few pics from vacation. :) Enjoy!


Ginny said...

it's like old times seeing in linda in a pool with a viser on...takes me back to many a fun day in the ol pool in glencoe.

Holly said...

Ginny, I thought the same exact thing!

Amanda, has your Mom changed at all? She looks exactly the same as when we were in the 6th grade.

Amanda said...

She really hasn't changed that much, except that her hair's gotten grayer. But she highlights that, so nothing much else has changed! She'll be thrilled to hear you said that!