Friday, January 2, 2009

16 Random Things About Me...

I've been tagged by my friend Kari, and sadly, I am very excited about being tagged. I'm kind of a nerd that way. Makes me feel someone is choosing me for their team when you were in elementary school. :) So here goes my facts:

1) I appeared in 2 episodes of "Club Dance" on The Nashville Network. Don't think I'm too special...anybody can be on it. That was during my country dance phase. I had cowboy boots, Wranglers, and the whole nine yards.

2) I've broken 13 bones over my lifetime, and no, I've never been in a major accident.

3) I've had a job that required a hair net...worked the salad bar at Winn Dixie during Summer Beach Project '98. Don't like wearing a hair net...cramps my style. :)

4) I don't like sweet tea...I know, I'm not Southern.

5) High school/college Amanda would be shocked and appalled at what Mother-of-Two Amanda wears around town. I don't think yoga pants and a college t-shirt qualify as an oufit. The girl who used to reapply lipstick IMMEDIATELY after eating now believes that drying her hair equals really trying to look nice. Wow. Stacy and Clinton would have a field day on me.

6) Seafood weirds me out. Think about it...when you eat shrimp, lobster, crab, and even some fish, they are served on your plate looking pretty much like they did when they were alive. They have tails, claws, sometimes they still have their heads!!! I've never seen a hamburger or chicken finger on my plate looking at all like a live cow or chicken, thank you very much.

7) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diet Coke. If there were no health concerns and it were up to me, I'd only drink that and coffee.

8) I had Diet Coke for breakfast every day in high school.

9) I hate exercising, except maybe leisuring walking w/ a friend. But if it works up a sweat, I'd rather avoid it.

10) I hate controversy of any type.

11) I think I like the idea of cooking rather than the actual act itself.

12) I don't take my makeup off at night. I know, I should be shot. Erin, feel free to chastise me. In fact, all of you can chastise me. Maybe that will motivate me to start taking my makeup off. I'll look old and wrinkly by the time I'm 40.

13) I'm very absentminded, and it's only gotten worse since I've had kids. The campus police knew me by name in college b/c I locked my keys in my car so much. And I've had to give my neighbor a key to my house b/c I've locked myself out of the house so much...sometimes w/ the kids inside.

14) I cannot keep sweets at my house. I have no will power and can't ration them out. A box of cookies or a half gallon of ice cream would be gone in a weekend.

15) I am very detail-oriented, and even have a system for loading the dishwasher cutlery basket. I put one piece of cutlery in each section so that each section will have the same amount of pieces. Most people stuff the front two sections full b/c they are easiest to reach and leave the back sections half-full...and I can't stand it!!

16) I love these stupid tags, and forwards about getting to know your friends, etc. When I was a kid, I used to make up info "forms" for myself to fill out to pass the time in know, like name, address, phone number, eye color, hair color, favorite color, birthday, etc. That's right, I took the time to make a form just to fill it out. I am sick. :)


jess said...

i love that i know all these things about you! they make up who you are :) so fun. i say you break out the old So. Country Express tapes and put them on youtube so the rest of the world can enjoy them.

jessica said...

you make me laugh! I am gonna have to start tagging you now.

Kari said...

I'm glad you enjoyed being tagged. And WOW, I'm so impressed at how quickly you did it. Way to go Amanda, oh and by the way, you are loved.

Summer said...

i loved reading much as i hate filling those things out myself, i really love reading them from other people! thanks for sharing!!!!

BKicklighter said...

I SO like random Amanda. You are hilarious. AND I am thrilled to know you go around in yoga pants.

Amy said...

I think some of us could have filled this out for you ... so funny! I loved the one about not being able to ration sweets! It reminded me of packages of cookies hidden between folded sweaters in the closet by me and Jessica in the dorm room!!

The Baugher's 3 said...

I LOVE it!! I feel like I've been so enlightened...and hey, too bad we didn't know each other freshman year at SU was definitely a wrangler and boots, country line dancing phase! :)

MomE said...

very funny! now be sure to wash your face before bed!!