Friday, January 23, 2009

8 months

This is his Owen Wilson/Zoolander look.

Well, the little guy is already 8 months old!! (I'm a few days behind in posting this.) He is sitting up really good by himself, even in the bath, and he is "commando" crawling everywhere on his belly. He can easily get on all fours, but so far he hasn't really gotten the crawling on all fours concept. He wants to pull up so badly, but he just can't get it yet. His 3rd tooth is coming in now, with much less fanfare than the 1st one. :) He is starting to eat some table foods, mostly b/c he's not been really good about eating the baby foods. But he is getting better. We're down to nursing just morning and bedtime now, which gives me a little more freedom if I need to be away. He's still "razzing", and has started to say the "buh" sound. He's a cutie, and we are enjoying him!

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Summer said...

What a cutie!!!! Love those boys!