Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daddy's b'day

Donning the party hats...RR's had already broken. :)

The Bean's cake decor philosophy: the more sprinkles, the better.

Helping Mommy clean up

Mommy's little helper

Daddy turned a whopping 35 years old this month, and we had a big par-tay for him. The Bean was the party planner, coming up w/ the theme ("balloons, and streamers, party hats too" - taken from her Barney movie), picking out his gift (bagels - also from her Barney movie, and pajama pants), and helping Mommy make the cake (she chose the cake decor - sprinkles). She insisted that we all wear party hats like Barney, but Wal-mart was out of them (what?!?!) so I made some from elastic and cardstock. They weren't my best work. We had a big breakfast for Daddy that the Bean helped me make too. Oh, and RR and I did actually go on a date for his b'day too...Firebirds and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop". RR loved his b'day weekend and a great time was had by all!


lauren said...

she looks SO big cooking with you! isn't it fun to cook with them? that's one of my favorites things to do with ellie.

jess said...

tell RR that i am LOVIN' those pajama pants!

and what is up w/ walmart not carrying party hats? i couldn't find them anywhere for m's party, either.

MomE said...

Bean made a yummy b-day cake!

Summer said...

She is getting so big--not a baby anymore!!! So cute!! How did you like the Mall Cop movie? I loved him in Hitch!