Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Roll Tide!

RR is very excited about football season starting, so we went to my parents to watch the first Alabama game of the season. My parents just got a new mac-daddy HD flat screen...the ultimate TV watching machine. So in honor of the event, the Bean donned her AL cheerleading attire. My nephew also wore his AL football jersey. Of course, neither of them actually watched the game. They went shopping w/ us girls and then went to the park to play!


Haley said...

I see they are starting out in the right direction..haha..cute pics

Holly said...

I have to agree with Haley!

AC is just following in her mom's footsteps with that cute cheerleader uniform. Are you going to teach her the "Jacket Rumble?"

Amanda said...

I may teach her that thing we did where we all "boked" like know...what was it called? Was that the Jacket Rumble?

jess said...

i can just picture kenneth watching the first saban game! between your dad and hubby it's probably a good thing y'all took the kiddos shopping...i can just hear the cheering now ;) so funny!

evan is definitely looking the part~could he look anymore like drew?????

Hank and Laura said...

She is just precious. I can't believe how much she's grown. I am glad to find your page and have enjoyed your comments on mine.

I do have to add War Eagle!