Saturday, September 15, 2007


One of my favorite things about going to Target used to be their free sugar cookies in the bakery. In fact, if I had to choose b/tw Wal-mart or another grocery store and Target, Target would always win out b/c of the free cookies. Then just as I was entering the last month or so of my pregnancy, they took them away!!! How dare they do that to a pregnant lady who so looks forward to the free treats! But today I went to Target, and lo and behold - cookies! They are back!! Hallelujah! I had two of them today b/c I figured I had some catching up to do. So go to Target, get a cookie, and maybe even a Starbucks (another treat, although not free) coffee, and shop 'til ya drop!


Dollar General said...

Hey Amanda! It's Page Dollar - from Angie Brothers CPA - I hope you remember me! We have a mutual friend Ginny - Jason works with her and through her blog - I've found you! I hope to see you Monday at her party and we can catch up then! What fun! Talk to you soon! Page

Amanda said...

I do remember you, and I've seen your comments on her blog and wondered if it was the same person! See you tonight!

jessica said...

they also have free cookies at Publix too (and you can choose between choc.chip or sugar). About the Veggie tales per my blog...start her off on the Veggie Tales Sing Along DVDs. For some reason they are a little bit more simpler and that is how I got Annie hooked.