Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been tagged.

Apparently you can tag people on blogs. Who knew? Anyway, my friend Ginny tagged me to do this name spelling thing. I am supposed to come up w/ one word for each letter of my first name that describes myself. I'll need help w/ the A's - there's three of them! And yes, I will be tagging three other people!!! So watch out!

A - amiable...I feel like I can get along w/ just about anybody. I take after my dad; he says he can talk to a brick wall.

M - moo cow...that is what I feel like nowadays. There is way too much jigglin' goin' on. After having a baby, even if you lose the pregnancy weight, it seems like nothing is quite as svelte as it used to be. And I really don't know that I would have called myself svelte before, so I'm really in trouble!

A - active...I like to be involved w/ lots of stuff. I don't like to just be sitting around not accomplishing anything. For instance, if we're watching TV, I'm also writing thank you notes or sewing buttons on an outfit or reading a book during commercials (or the whole time if it's a ball game). Sometimes this drives RR crazy though, so I don't do it all the time. :)

N - neat...I like things nice and tidy. I organize my closet by colors and sleeve length, I make the bed every morning, and I don't like clutter. Now clean is a different story...I've learned to be clean b/c I live w/ a clean freak.

D - diligent...I see things through to the end. I am not a quitter. I am sort of a steady plodder. I'm not the fastest or the best, but I am responsible and will get 'er done.

A - athletic...not!!! I pretty much could care less for sports. I don't like to watch them on TV, and I certainly don't like to play them. I only exercise to keep myself from becoming an aforementioned moo cow, and I only do that if I have to. I have been known to say the following: Running is of the devil. You should only run if you are being chased, and even then, a brisk walk may be appropriate.

Now for the tags...I am tagging Lauren Goessling, Kari Russell, and Holly Hubbard! (Allison, you are going through the alphabet as it is, so I figure this is a little redundant for you.) You're up!


Allison said...

you are SO NOT a moo cow. Love the insights on yourself. Look forward to hearing what other's write!

jess said...

diligence is next to godliness, right?
if only i had half your diligence...

Summer said...

that's pretty impressive!! i'm w/ you on the athletic thing...praying my kids will inherit that from the hubster...with you on the moo cow thing too--you aren't even in my league--not even a calf!

Haley said...

haha...I love that comment about running. I frequently get Holly to tell me that phrase bc I also used it

Ginny said...

reading it makes me tired...i need have of your task orientedness..then i might actually get things done and not just think about it