Sunday, May 16, 2010


The finished the process of making the Bean a coordinating outfit
THE snap putter-onner...

Easy-peezy with my new snap thingie...

For those of you who don't sew, this post probably won't be all that interesting. But even if you don't sew and you've had a snap pop off your kid's clothing, read on!!

Making john-john's is pretty easy and fairly quick if it's not smocked, but I have always HATED putting on the snaps (on the crotch as to making diaper changing easier). I'd almost rather completely undress Bubs to change his diaper rather than put snaps on his outfits. It's that annoying. Snap tape is hard to line up, and hammer-on snaps can warp when you hammer them on, rendering them useless. Then you have to take the warped snaps off w/ pliers, potentially ripping the's a whole thing. Or if you don't hammer them on good enough, they'll come off the outfit. So frustrating.

But I have found a new product that makes putting on snaps super easy! I was looking in the notions section of Hancock's when I stumbled upon it. Basically, it is a casing for the hammer-on snaps. It locks them in place without warping the snap. It is so fast, and IT IS AWESOME!!! And you can re-use it. So if you sew, run out and get one right now! It will change your life! :) (Can you tell I love this new snap thingie??)

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