Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bubs!!

The birthday boy's favorite gift - thanks Mimi and Grandpaw!

He looked like he was kissing this cupcake. He never used his hands, and he pretty much ate the whole thing. These cupcakes are from Costco, and they are HUGE!!

Mimi with my niece, Sarah Grace

Cousin Evan liked the cupcakes too!

How come I just look sweaty, but the Bean looks rosy-cheeked and lovely??

The birthday boy!

The cookies might not look that cute, but they were quite tasty. I'd never done decorated cut-out sugar cookies before, so it was a learning experience. Don't know that I'd do it again.

We just celebrated Bubs 2nd b'day this weekend. We had a very small little party at the park. I got a little crafty this year, inspired by some random blogs that I stumbled upon, Couture Parties and Polkadots and Pirates. They have such cute ideas! I went with a tricycle theme since Bubs loves anything with wheels. I smocked a little t-shirt for him (it was my first time and was a little's not perfect so don't look too close), and made a birthday banner (which I am planning on reusing after taking off the tricycle part), some cupcake toppers, and sugar cookie cutout party favors. I had so much fun getting all crafty! I had all the paper goods for the crafts lying around in my scrapbook stuff anyway, so it was pretty economical too. The Bean and I made the cookies, which didn't look all that great (not exactly like the Edgar's iced sugar cookies I was picturing in my head, but the Bean and I had a fun time making them, and attractive packaging makes anything look good!) Bubs had a great time. I can't believe he is already two!
One interesting note: there was a police situation while we were at the park. Three police cars came peeling in the parking lot like there was a drug bust going on or something. Turns out some guy thought he was being followed and called the police. Don't know why they needed three police cars for that?? Anyway, it was quite interesting!


The Baughers said...

Happy Birthday Bubs!
I love all your crafty ideas and it looks like ya'll had a great time! And you do too look rosy and lovely! :) and I don't sew (yet...i've got a machine, just haven't found the time to learn how to use it!!), but you made me want to go out and get one of those snap thingys!

April Brown said...

His shirt looks precious!! What a great birthday party!