Saturday, May 1, 2010

A little slice of paradise

Usually each year, RR gets invited on a business rewards trip (translation: free trip for us). This year it was in Watercolor, FL (near Seaside). My parents kept our kids (thanks again Mom and Dad!!). It was SO nice...very relaxing. Good food, good times. The only sad thing was that our friends over at Pink Magnolias (who were invited on this trip too) couldn't go this year since they are expecting their 3rd child just about any day now. Check out the beautiful scenery!


jessica said...

I shalt not covet my friend's vacation although it is very hard not to after seeing those pictures! Really and truly happy for y'all and that you got to get away! Let's hang out soon!
PS. Loved the post of Bean eating an apple in her snow white dress too!

Summer said...

SO FUN!! that's a great picture of you two!! you gotta love those free trips!!!