Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The Bean's hair was PERFECT for an Indian costume!

I thought RR really pulled off the cowboy look!

We had a blast tonight at a friends b'day/family costume party! Those of you who know RR well know that he is not too keen on dressing up in costume. But he was a total trooper and decided to participate anyway. His only caveat was that we not spend a lot of money and try to use what we had. So I started off with RR and I's outfits...and came up w/ cowboys. Jeans and a plaid shirt for the basic look...and being in the deep South, we could probably borrow boots and a hat (which is exactly what we did). For the kids to coordinate, I decided on Indians, since I had some scrap brown suede fabric. After buying some fringe and a few embellishments, and doing a little sewing, we had two little Indian costumes! The Bean was SO excited about dressing up in her Indian costume. Bubs liked his too, except for his headband, and he cried every time I tried to put it on him. We were even runners-up in the costume contest at the party. (There was some tough competition there!) And we all had so much fun at the party! The Bean and Bubs played so hard they didn't even eat dinner (though the Bean made time for a chocolate chip cookie and a juice box), and we all went trick-or-treating afterward. Bubs picked up on the whole go-up-to-the-stranger's-door-and-you-get-candy thing fairly quickly, so between he and the Bean, we brought home a sizable bag of candy. Happy Halloween everyone!

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