Friday, October 2, 2009

Anybody want a free baby gift??

Sorry this is sideways...I was too lazy to change it!

This is so random, but I have a baby gift that I need to give away. Most of you know that I have an embroidery machine for monogramming & applique. Well, I did an adorable baby gift for a friend the other day and was SURE that the name she had picked started with an E. And I was wrong. :) It was an M. So, I have a baby gift with an E on it, and I want it to go to a good home. :) I know, you say, "Just wait - somebody will come along w/ a baby girl w/ an E name, and then you can use the gift." This may be true, but I am impatient and would rather just give it away! So my loss may be your gain. If nobody knows anyone who needs it, then I'll probably sell it on Ebay or Craigslist. To avoid confusion, the pics on this post show the M gift, but it's the E gift that I'm giving away. It's the exact same gift, except with an E instead of an M, and on the outside of the flower I used pink thread instead of brown. The gift includes a onesie, bib w/ velcro closure, and sippy cup w/ pink top and monogrammed fabric insert (which you can change out). The onesie is a 3-6 months, but in my opinion those run a little small, so I was planning on it fitting like a 0-3 months size. The fabric used for the applique is a pink, brown, and white gingham tri-check. Let me know if you can use it, and it's yours!!


Angie Davis said...

i know someone! would love her to have it!

Amy said...

I don't know any E babies (looks like you already found a taker anyway). But my new little niece (due in January) is a C (Claire). How much would you charge to make one like it for her? That is super cute!