Monday, June 22, 2009

Warning: Baby Bottom Cuteness

I couldn't resist posting these bathtime pics. In our new master bathroom, we have one of those big whirlpool tubs, and Bubs and the Bean LOVE taking a bath in there. They don't even need toys...just the tub is super fun for them! We went a little crazy w/ the soap this particular evening. Hence the bubble bath look. For those of you who are quite observant, you might notice and leg and hand that don't look like they belong to the Bean or Bubs. That is b/c RR was in the bath too (in his swimtrunks). He was getting soaked anyway, so why not join in the fun?


The Shulls said...

Love the cuteness!!!! But I laughed so hard after your very detailed explanation of RR!

Summer said...

looks like so much fun!! those big tubs are great!!!