Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer "Fun"

Before - cute and happy

After - not so happy

At least the Bean had fun!

Our car went out of commision yesterday, so we couldn't go to our fun playgroup as planned. I had already told the Bean about said playgroup, that there would be baby pools and a sandbox and her friends. On a different note, our air conditioning is out upstairs where we sleep, so Bubs wouldn't nap this morning. To make things fun and pass the time and give Bean her promised summer fun, I decided to put the kids in their swimsuits and fill up the ole baby pool in our yard. We haven't done that yet this summer, and Lord knows it's been hot enough the past few days. I knew the Bean would love it, and I figured Bubs would too since he's a maniac in the bathtub. I mean, the kid is bound and determined to drown himself b/c he dunks his head underwater so much. So I thought it would be an easy transition to the baby pool (side note: he didn't get in the pool last summer b/c he was a newborn, just FYI)...just a little colder bath, right? Well, I was wrong! As soon as Bubs toes touched that cold water, he started crying. I tried for 10 minutes to get him to play in the baby pool, and he would not have it! I gave him toys, I held him, the Bean showed him how much fun she was having, we splashed him a little (which he loves in the tub)...everything I could think of. He even started crying when I'd put him down on the grass standing NEAR the baby pool. I thought his misery was a little cute, so I decided to capture it on film. :) I already had the camera with me expecting to capture lots of summer just turned out to be cuteness of a different kind! Hopefully he'll warm up to the pool later this summer, or vacation won't be very much fun!


The Baugher's 3 said...

poor guy! hopefully he'll love the pool after a little more exposure, especially for your vacation!

April Brown said...

You were sooo missed!!
Kids can be so unpredictable... you'd think he would love a little pool time but no, he prefers the bathtub...go figure :)

The Shulls said...

Little man... I totally understand that! You know.. who wouldn't love warm water on a tub where he can splash everybody and get all the bathroom wet?!? Seriously... he couldn't get any mess done if he decided to play on the little pool! :D

So sweet... and I agree with you.. cuteness anyway!