Monday, June 15, 2009

A few recent pics

Showing off her moves

Note the plumber's action going on...

The Bean orchestrated this event, but it was still cute...


Hanging out under the desk area in our kitchen
Sorry I don't have many more interesting pics, but we've been quite busy lately getting settled. We've had handymen here almost everyday for the first 2 1/2 weeks doing a few little updates, so it's been hard to get stuff done during the day. Plus RR has been super busy at work. But we are making progress and enjoying our new home. A couple of highlights that we've already been able to enjoy are the neighborhood playground and our screened-in porch. I especially like the screened-in porch. I can be in the kitchen and watch the kids playing out there. And they can go "outside" even when it's raining!! That's especially nice for them, since we had no outdoor play space at our old house. On a side note, does anybody know where you can get affordable but attractive fireplace screens??? The big box we've had in front of our fireplace is effective in keeping Bubs from eating the fireplace rocks, but it's not the most attractive. :) The dance pics above are the Bean learning some new moves while watching So You Think You Can Dance. She likes to shake her tailfeather when she watch that show. :) She's getting quite good. Hopefully I'll have some more interesting pics soon.

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The Shulls said...

Priceless!!! So adorable and funny at the same time!