Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Year

Coming home from the hospital

At about 6 weeks

3 months

5 months

7 months

9 months

11 months

13 months

Intro: Since Bubs birthday was only 4 days b/f we moved, I didn't do a "one year" post for him...just the few b'day pics along w/ other May pics. So here's my 6 week overdue "one year" post for Bubs. Sorry there are so many pics, but come on, it's too hard to narrow it down!

Bubs started walking just a few days b/f he turned one, and that kid has not looked back. Transitioning to milk and the cup was no big deal. He does quite well w/out a morning nap when needed, but still takes one when we're home. I can't wait til he drops that morning nap for good. It'll be nice to have the morning to run errands again. Most books/doctors say that eating sometimes slows down after they turn one, but it's been the opposite for Bubs! He barely ate anything until a couple of months ago, and now sometimes he eats more than the Bean! His favorite foods are yogurt, eggs, bananas, watermelon, and any kind of cracker. He's a big guy, and he is wearing 18-24 mo mostly. He is as stubborn as can be, and has to be disciplined multiple times b/f he obeys, if at all. If you are standing right there w/ the spank spoon, he'll obey. If you are standing right there w/ no spank spoon, he might try it or he might not. But if you're not around, he'll try to get away w/ everything and anything! The Bean was always very obediant at this age, so maybe this is a boy thing? He has super curly hair, and is starting to develop a little bit of a 'fro, so I'm wondering if I should get his hair cut. He started to go through some separation anxiety about the time he turned one, and it's in full swing now! Anytime Mama leaves the room, he's in full-on wail mode. He's not really saying much yet, but sometimes he says Dada, although I don't know if he knows that RR's name. And he says "yeah" sometimes when I ask him questions like "Do you want a snack?" or "Do you want to go outside?", but he's not consistent about saying it, so I don't know. His favorite thing to do by far is take a bath. That kid loves him some bathtime. My favorite thing (and RR's) about Bubs is that he likes to give kisses. He will grab my face and kiss my nose so sweetly. Never the mouth or cheek...just the nose.
He is the sweetest, and he has captured all our hearts. We love you Bubs!!

(Here's a link to a pic my friend Jess took of him. Doesn't she do a great job? You can look through the rest of the pics on her site.)


Angie Davis said...

wow, time flies! he's such a cutie.

Allison said...

CANNOT believe he's one! Our little ones are growing so quickly! Love his curls- I have curl envy!!

Summer said...

so sweet! and jess's pics are great...looking at them i had a flashback to seeing pics she took of ac at that age...time flies!!!

katie said...

i can't believe how big/old he is!! your two are just adorable...