Wednesday, January 4, 2012

July part 2: Coming Home and Firsts

Leaving the hospital! No "coming home" pics, since my parents still had the kids when we got home, and we didn't try to conjure a coming home family pic later that night or next day. :)

Baby Girl was/is the center of attention around our house!

The kids wanted to make sure Baby Girl knew she had her very own toys. :)

My first outing with all three kids by myself: we went to Costco, ate lunch, got diapers and a few other items, and went back home. Baby Girl slept through the entire trip.

First bath: Baby Girl was not a fan!

I had good helpers!

Whew - it's all over!

Mainly just wanted a pic of Baby Girl's "lil sis" daygown...apparently she didn't want her picture taken!

At the Baron's game...always a fun event. Ray's office has it catered on one of the balcony area thingies, and they have bounce houses and face painting for the kids. It was hot, and the kids were having a ball running around...hence the sweat. :)

The three Skinner kids. Not sure what Bubs was doing here. :)

The rest of July was a blur. Having a newborn is crazy enough, but long story short, I ran a fever off and on for 2 1/2 weeks and had a few doctor's appointments after Baby Girl's birth before they figured out I had a retained placenta. That is what it sounds like, and I had to have a procedure to get it all taken out, and after that had no problems. Other than that we were just settling in to life with three kids under age 5! These pics of random little things we had going on, and a few from a Baron's game...a client event that Ray's office had.

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Donna said...

Welcome back to blogland! Yay! Love the pics of baby girl and her fans! She really is a dollbaby!