Friday, January 15, 2010

More Christmas pics

Shakin' her groove thang...
Bubs and the Bean rocked out to the music of this little guy...Jingle Bell Rockin'.

Making his daddy proud...Bubs immediately started dunking on one of his Christmas gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

The Bean loved her paints she got for Christmas...

Jesus' Birthday was quite tasty!

Opening gifts wearing her "jingle jams" (her name for her Christmas jammies)

The decorations for Jesus' birthday party

The Bean and Mimi making Jesus' birthday cake

We had a great time over at Mimi and Grandpaw's house for Christmas. On Christmas Eve the Bean helped Mimi and I make Jesus' birthday cake. (My nephew Evan helped too....) This was our first year to have a birthday party for Jesus, and we made a 3-layer cake that symbolized the Gospel. The bottom layer is chocolate, which represents our sin. The middle layer is red, which represents the blood that Jesus' shed on the cross to forgive us of our sins. The top layer is green, which represents the new life that we have in Christ. And the icing is white, which represents the pure, sinless life Jesus lived. I tried to find a link to the recipe w/ the verses that go with it, but I couldn't find one. Bean and Bubs rocked out to Santa singing "Jingle Bell Rock" and just about ran out the batteries. They got lots of fun presents, and we had a great time celebrating w/ my family. Merry belated Christmas!!


Summer said...

love the way you did the h.b. Jesus cake...also the pic of rr putting on his sock :) kids are precious!!

The Baughers said...

Fun pictures and that cake looks yummy! :) I'm hoping next year we can start the tradition of making a cake for Jesus at our house...we're thinking this was the last year to travel for awhile. I love that the Bean calls her jammies, jingle jams-too cute!