Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Fun

The Bean's house after the collapse of the roof

Bubs house (all work done by Mama)

The Bean's house before the collapse of the roof

Bubs playing happily

The one shot of Bubs at the table

Our friends over at The Robertson Reporter invited us over a couple of weeks b/f Christmas to make gingerbread (or in our case, graham cracker) houses. The Bean had a ton of fun, and she actually didn't eat any candy while making the houses. She only started asking for candy after we ate lunch. For those of you who know about the Bean's obsession w/ candy, that's pretty shocking. :) Bubs was not at all interested in making the houses or eating the candy. He sat at the table for all of about 30 seconds before spending the remaining 2 hours at the train table in the playroom. Hey, he was playing quietly for 2 hours, so I was happy! We had a great time playing with our friends and had a couple of masterpieces to take home. (The masterpieces were eaten by the end of that week.)

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