Sunday, September 7, 2008

Potty Training Update

Some of you have asked how potty training has been going since my last post on it, and it is going great! The Bean has only had a few accidents since then. She's really only had one accident w/ me, and the other couple have been at church/Mother's Day Out. I think she gets very distracted by all the fun she is having, and the teachers/workers don't ask her about going to the potty as often as I do. But the good news is, she is getting better at telling me when she needs to go potty instead of just responding when I ask. And she is not afraid to use public toilets, or of loud flushing toilets, or of going poopy, etc. Also, about her b'day party, we brought her potty and put it in the car, and she went once while we were there. I don't think she went in her pull-up, b/c it was pretty dry when we got home. So it went pretty well! So all in all, I think she is doing pretty well for barely being two! Go Bean!

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The Shulls said...

Oh my... you read my mind! I was about to send you an email and ask you how was going with the Bean. I started with Nate on Friday and it went pretty well. But yesterday we had some people over and that kind of messed things up. Nate had more accidents during that hour than the whole day. So, I ended up sort of frustrated but anyway, last night he woke up to go potty at 3 am. which almost never happens, and that made me feel better. I hope today (our day #4) will be better :)

Thanks for the update, it's so cool to be able to relate to somebody around the same stages.