Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bean's birthday party

Blowing out the candle

The Bean and Grayson...I didn't realize the Bean was practically eating her cake off the ground until she was almost done!

She got a lot of great gifts, and has loved playing w/ them this week.

Not a good idea to take a family picture AFTER we've been sweating outside for two hours and everybody's had a lot of sugar and is ready for a nap. :)

The Bean and her BFF, Ian.

Costco did the cake...I thought they did a pretty good job, and it tasted great.

My mom and nephew, Evan.

Here are a few pics from the Bean's b'day party. Besides being pretty hot outside, I'd say everyone had a good time. The "theme", if there really was one, was ice cream. The invitations had an ice cream cone on them, as did her thank you notes, and we had ice cream w/ lots of toppings. Before you ask, no, I didn't make her outfit. I bought the fabric months ago and didn't have time to make it b/f Baby G was born, and I certainly haven't had time since he's been born. My friend Deanna made it. If anybody needs a custom outfit, she does a great job, and that's coming from a fellow "seamstress." She also does appliques and monograms, and she's cheaper than anyplace in town that I've been to. Anyway, enjoy the pics!


jess said...

it was fun a time and that cake was DELISH! i thought the boys' party cake was great from there, but yours was even better and super cute, too!

Summer said...

SO cute! That cake looks awesome...I've looked at their cakes but haven't seen that pattern! Adorable outfit---you'll have to give us the contact info for the seamstress!!!

BKicklighter said...

How did the pottying go??

The Shulls said...

So cute!!! Love the outfit and the cake looked soooo yummy!!!

April Brown said...

How looks like the party was wonderful! That cake is adorable and of course, LOVE the outfit!

congrats on the potty training... that's great that she has caught on so quickly! She's a genius and you're an excellent mom :)

Can't wait to catch up on Thursday!

MomE said...

We had a great time!