Sunday, September 14, 2008

New adorable sites

I ran across a few adorable applique/monogram/custom children's clothing sites recently and thought y'all might enjoy them. There are some really cute ideas on there! Makes me want to get busy sewing!

Monogram & Applique Designs Blog

The Cherry Tree 123 Blog


MaryMartha said...

I love that first site and have kept up with her...she is a lady out of montgomery. I know who she is but my sister really knows her better!
And that 2nd site is precious! Thanks for passing them along!

Rosemary Gulledge said...

Thanks for posting a link!! :) I had so many people ask me about where I got such and such designs that I decided to add that to my blog. When I come across any more good ones I'll post them! Tell Mary Martha I am not a LADY!! HA. That makes me sound old. I'm not sure what your Baby G is named but I have a G too - Garrison, but we call him G!