Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm THAT mom.

The post of shame...I was 15 minutes late to pick the Bean up from her mother's day out program this week...15 minutes!!! I am actually going to have to pay money for being late! I even was chastised by one of the administrators. "One More Thing Amanda" finally did one thing too many and got in trouble for it! Eeek. Am I the only mom out there who has done such a horrid thing? Are there any others like me who have horribly misjudged the time and prioritized errands in front of their child?? Please confess if so, and make me feel better!


jessica said...

listen, i don't know anyone who has never been late to pick up from MDO. infact i am usually late dropping mine off too! so far the latest i have been is 8 minutes and i thought for sure i was gonna get a fine but they let it slide. I think they pity me because i come in looking like a wreck and pregnant every week :). Now you know why i am always running in there because i am afraid if i am real late again they are gonna let me have it :).
Don't feel bad because we all have done it and those teachers have done it too when their kids were little.

jess said...

umm....since AC and G have the same teachers, you can ask them...i mosey in there nearly 5 minutes late a lot! i was 10 mins. late last week!

today, i was late picking up sum from carpool had already ended! trying to nurse an infant and fit it all in in a short morning often gets the better of me!

lauren said...

been there done that! don't worry, we all have!