Friday, November 16, 2007

Foiled Again!

My meager sewing cannot compete w/ the big-time smockers. Yet again, me and the Bean have been bested by a smocked outfit on the Smockingbird's contest. I guess it IS called the SMOCKINGbird for a reason! The girl who won is pretty cute though! And her dress is half smocked - good grief that must have taken forever! At the very least, this contest is a great place to get new ideas. Already there is a cute entry for October. Which outfit should I enter, the dress or the longall? The dress is pea green and brown toile and is reversible to brown and white gingham w/ her monogram in pea green. The longall is chocolate brown w/ pea green dots and has her monogram in pea green.


MaryMartha said...

both are cute...but i would go with the long-all! I'm so jealous of your SKILLS :)

jess said...

She looked so cute in the chocolate outfit w/ the ruffles at the hem I could hardly stand it!!
I need to hire you to make Meade some outfits b/c I know I won't have the time or patience ;)

lauren said...

i'm torn-they are both so cute, but i'm going to go with the 1st one too!

btw-something i learned with ellie's clothes when she was 2, was to just monogram her 1st initial on everything. your clothes will resale for LOTS of money if you have an "A" on them, since there are so many "A" names (same with "E"). just a little tip-but they look gorgeous with her full monogram!!!