Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween (or All Saints Day???) Fun

The Bean ready for the Fall Festival. I thought that they might give out candy, hence the bag. I was wrong. Darn for me, good for the Bean.

This is the Bean as a Bama Cheerleader for Halloween and our neighbor Harrison, who was born on the exact same day as the Bean! And his mom and I never met until after they were born! Harrison was a clown.

Roll Tide! We got this costume for FREE from my mom's sewing friend. She gave it to the Bean for her b'day.

The Bean and her good buddy, Ian. Ian is our neighbor also and his mom and I walk together all the time. Ian was a pumpkin.

Yes, the Bean has a dirty face. We were just finishing dinner (spaghetti) when Ian came by.

For Halloween, we went to the B'wood fall festival. There wasn't much the Bean could do, so we strolled around and people-watched w/ our friends Jessica and Annie. It was too cold to wear our costume to the fall festival, but we wore it Halloween night as we greeted trick-or-treaters. RR said that all the kids thought we were lame b/c we gave out Teddy Grahams. They'll probably skip our house next year!! (I would have! There was this one lady in our neighborhood growing up who always gave out popcorn balls or candied apples, and we never wanted to go there. Bring on the chocolate!) We had about 8 trick-or-treaters, which I thought was pretty good! The night ended w/ a bang, as our little cheerleader was running around the house like a banshee and fell on the coffee table and bloodied her lip. Ouch! But a minute or two later, she was up and running again, so none worse for the wear!


Kari said...

That is too bad they didn't give out candy, and then when you got home all you had were teddy grahams. You poor thing! I can say this b/c I ate a ton of chocolate. Anna Caroline looks so adorable in her Alabama costume and what a precious one. It's so original! By the way, did you do the cherry on her outfit? It is so cute, you are so crafty.

Amanda said...

I did do the cherry on her outfit and the buttons. The overalls themselves are a consignment sale special!