Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday and Gender Reveal!!

Because I know some of you don't want to wait until the end of this post to read if we're having a boy or girl, I'll be nice and not make you read my menu for the week or even scroll down the page! We're having a...

That's right...we're having another girl! And because we're weird and this is our "thing", we have already chosen a name. Our "thing" is, on the day of our ultrasound, RR and I go to lunch and decide our child's name. I do the research and compile the list of names for each sex that I like, make name combinations that I like, then make a list and bring it with us. We whittle down the list and usually end up with 2-3 names that we like. Then it's just a matter of discussing the nuances of those names...meaning, femininity/masculinity, how it sounds w/ our last name, etc. So, without further ado, our third child and second girl will be named...
Audrey Claire Skinner.
We will call her Audrey. I know what those of you who know the Bean's full name are thinking...we went with the same initials. Obviously, that's true, but it was not on purpose. Claire was one of the names we really liked for the Bean, so I've liked that name for years. So it was a frontrunner on our girl list this time around. But I was having a hard time coming up with a middle name for Claire. So I started thinking we could use it as a middle name, and I came up with a few combinations for Claire as a middle name. Audrey Claire was one of those. Once RR started whittling the girl list (which was much shorter than the boy list, btw), it pretty quickly became clear that this name was both of our faves. But we weren't sure if we wanted to be "locked into" using the same initials. We may have a fourth child, and if so, we will probably feel compelled to use our girl initials (ACS) or boy initials (HGS), depending on the gender. Yep, we are all weird like that. We like things symmetrical, even, the same, in patterns, etc. After some debate, we decided we'd rather just go with the name we both love than be concerned about the initials. So, as it turns out, we love our girl name, AND I will get to use all of the Bean's old monogrammed clothes. BONUS! Also, as a side note, everything looked great on the ultrasound, and it looks like we have a healthy little girl.
On to less exciting matters, our weekly menu...
Monday (beef night): sloppy joes, baked beans
Tuesday (breakfast): Western Scramble, bacon, toast
Wednesday (chicken): Chinese Chicken Salad, grapes
Thursday (leftovers): uhh...leftovers :)
Friday (wild card): red beans and rice with turkey sausage
Saturday: Global Missions Conference dinner at church
Sunday: fried chicken salad
Check out Menu Plan Monday for more menu ideas! I'd love to know what you're cooking for dinner this week. Also, I've thought about posted my cleaning schedule, mainly hoping that somebody else might do something similar and post theirs too??? I love getting "spurred on" by other's ideas in the areas of housekeeping and general housewife-ery!


Peggy said...

I'm so happy for y'all and I love, love her name!!! Congratulations again and I'm so glad we got to talk this weekend!
PS - I like your naming process a lot better than ours :)

katie said...

yay!!! congrats to you all!

Donna said...

Congratulations! How wonderful for Bean to have a sister- and I think you're brilliant to use the same initials- especially b/c Audrey is such a beautiful name.

Donna said...

Hey- we need to meet up at the pool sometime! My e-mail is ayersjd at aol dot com. We can help each other survive this heat!