Friday, October 31, 2008

He's 5 (and a half) months old!!

I have been SERIOUSLY behind on the blogging situation. Whenever you go on a two week trip somewhere (we went to Seattle/Vancouver, BC the first two weeks of October) it takes that long to recover and get back to normal, it seems like! Anyway, Baby G turned 5 months almost 2 weeks ago now, and I'm just posting about it. And I haven't even posted about our trip either! Well, here are some recent pics of Baby G. He is doing great. Still sleeping great. We've tried rice cereal from a spoon a few times. He's not a fan, so I haven't been very consistent about it. I probably need to start getting better about it. But once you add in the solid foods, feedings take SO much longer!! I nurse, then supplement w/ a bottle, then feed the solids...takes forever! So needless to say, I'm sort of putting it off. :) He's chewing on EVERYTHING b/c he's teething...drooling, gnawing on his hand constantly, and has swollen gums. But no teeth sightings yet. He's grasping toys better now, and is rolling over both ways. He loves Baby Einstein, his playmat, and his jump-a-roo. He's still not too keen on the swing (weird, huh?). And he likes being thrown up in the air now too. And we are enjoying him more and more!


jess said...

Baby G = Baby Drew!!!!!!!! That boy is more and more becoming the spitting image of your brother ;)

Summer said...

i'm sooo jealous of your 2 week trip!!!! the pics aren't coming up on my computer right now so i'll have to check later!!