Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We're BACK!!

We are back from our FL trip, and it was WONDERFUL! Really, it couldn't have gone better. The Bean did GREAT at her grandparents. (Thank you Lord!) She slept well, ate well, and played her little heart out. They took her to the park and let her try the baby swing, which she loved. They said she just laughed and grinned every time they swung her. I was initially anxious about leaving her for such a long time, but God did "abundently more than I could ask or think."

As for our trip, the resort was fabulous. I slept in, ordered room service, laid out by the pool, ate like a queen, watched movies w/ RR, read two books, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food there was awesome.

Now, not to disappoint anyone, but I didn't take any pictures! (I should be ashamed, I know.) Either I couldn't find someone to take the pics when I needed them, or RR wanted me to wait, or I forgot my camera, etc. (You can, however, click here to see where we stayed.) But regardless, I have beautiful memories in my head.

1 comment:

jess said...

for shame!!
that place is super posh!!!!!!!!
i was praying~so glad it was all you hoped it would be :)
harlan coben is awesome, right?