Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Book Recommendations, Anyone?

I am going to Florida on vacation with RR (my husband's nickname) next week, and my parents are keeping the Bean. Woo-hoo! (Even though I will miss the heck out of the Bean.) It's gonna be great - sleeping in, eating great food, and catching some rays. This is a business rewards trip that RR earned, and it's all expenses paid! They even give you a per diam (sp??) for meals, and you get presents with your turn-down service every night. I am planning on spending a great deal of the time laying out by the pool and reading something that takes very little brain power to follow. Which brings me to my point...does anybody have any recommendations? Something fictional, please, and preferably available at the library.

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jess said...

Harlan Coben mysteries are page turners and easy beach reads. He's my favorite mystery writer. Don't go for the series he writes on this character named Myron Bolitar...but do the independent stories. His first was Tell No's SO SO good!!!
Also by him that are good: No Second Chance, Gone for Good, can't remember the new one's title. They can be popular, so you may want to check several library locations....
Can't wait to see pix from Boca!!!