Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our "backyard"

There is a wooded area behind our backyard that is pretty big (don't really know where or how far it goes). We have gone on a few "hikes" back there...I use the word hike loosely b/c exactly not much real hiking gets done w/ a 3 and 2 year's more like slowly walking through the woods and stopping to look at something or pick up a stick about every 5 feet or so. :) But even going slowly, after about 10 minutes or so, you come to a small creek with a pretty little waterfall and everything. What a picturesque spot! We stopped where this picture was taken, and from there you can hear the waterfall in the's really serene! We spend Memorial Day afternoon out there and took a little picnic/glorified snack out there too. The Bean loved itand waded all in the water, wanted to sit on the rocks, etc. (She has been out there once before with her cousin Evan...they even saw fish that time!) Bubs was not totally sure about it and wanted to be held most of the time. But he did enjoy the popsicle we packed for him. Sorry I don't have any pics of any of us, but this is the only pic I got with any kind of decent lighting. Enjoy the pic of our little corner of God's beautiful creation!

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