Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update on the Great Grocery Experiment

So, I'm sure you all have been dying to know how my grocery experiment is going along. To review, I have been shopping at Publix using coupons for the past few months, as well as buying certain items at Costco. I have also done Super Suppers twice now. I want to make sure I am being fair to Wal-mart, so I am giving it a try for another few months and using coupons and the comp ads. I am thinking that in the end, it will still be the best bet for the budget, but it sure is nice to have your groceries loaded into your cart and then taken out and loaded into your car at Publix. I also like the free cookie there too. :) I am also always on the search for good budget-friendly meals. If I find any new ones, I'll be sure to pass them along. That is definitely a key to keeping the grocery budget low.

Speaking of groceries, this pregnant lady is getting hungry. I think I'll go rustle up a snack. :)


Kari said...

Thank you for this experiment. Please keep us updated and let us know the outcome. I keep wanting to switch over, but am afraid of the outcome at the end of the month. We may then have to live off of beans and rice.

MaryMartha said...

Hey! I need your new email address...the one i have on file is old. I need to pass along some info to you about a sewing opportunity! Your stuff is always soo cute.
My email is